Wednesday, November 29, 2023

New integration with HomySpace

At Icnea we’re aware of the importance of finding out new options to improve our customer's vacation rentals. We’re pleased to introduce a new integration with this purpose. HomySpace is joining our software!

What is HomySpace?

HomySpace is a platform dedicated to rentals for workers who have been relocated due to their job for mid-long term periods. Owners can list their properties at the portal and HomySpace will look for the tenant who fits better with the accommodation, based on the conditions established by the owner. Besides, their team manages the booking and the lease proposal while being permanently in touch with the owner to solve any doubt.

How does it work to rent with HomySpace?

HomySpace receives requests directly from companies that have to relocate employees. If they believe that your accommodation fits with the request, they will get in touch with you to share the proposal and review the price and conditions, unless you, as an owner, have chosen the “Inmediate booking” option. The final proposal is shared with the company and, if the accommodation is selected, HomySpace will get in touch with the owner to send him the documents to be reviewed and signed.

Why HomySpace?

  • As the owner, you decide when and under which conditions rent the apartment.
  • Forget about seasonality. You will be able to get new income even out of the high season.
  • HomySpace brings to your accommodation tenants relocated due to their job, so there’s always a company who takes care of the payments avoiding any inconvenience or irregular occupation.
  • A professional account from HomySpace will take care of the procedures and solve any doubt or inquiry you have.
  • Only 9% commission.
HomySpace is an option with guarantee for every owner who wants to get more revenue from accommodations safely and not depending on seasonality. We encourage you to visit their website to register and start listing your accommodations for free.

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