Business Intelligence

Simplify and automate data collection and make more accurate decisions with real-time information

Having up-to-date information and data is essential for business development, setting objectives and correcting possible deviations. Having a Business Intelligence tool to measure the performance of actions and act accordingly allows you to optimise results with fewer resources.

Big Data integrated in the PMS

Abal MyReports is a powerful Business Intelligence tool natively integrated into the Icnea PMS. This allows the user to access with a single click to updated and real-time information of their geographical area to easily understand the trends and differential characteristics of the sector in their area of operations. In addition, the tool offers a Premium version that adds specific data for each of the user's properties, allowing the user to guide or correct business objectives based on their goals.
Big Data integrated in the PMS

Visualise information in a clear and simple way

Abal MyReports collects, classifies and organises information in a single place, saving the user time and minimising the margin of error in its collection. To facilitate its use, the tool is accessible from any device and fully customisable. The user can create their own dashboards, graphs and data tables so that Abal MyReports shows in each case the data that must be kept under control at any time. Having this information helps managers and owners to improve their analysis capacity, detect opportunities in market trends and improve their competitive advantage by creating a future strategy based on real data.
Visualise information in a clear and simple way

All the data about your area and properties

  • KPI's: occupancy, revenue, average price, RepVAR.
  • Booking Window: see how far in advance guests are booking.
  • Channel Insights: performance and popularity data by sales channel.
  • Comparative summaries by date or period.
  • Compare data for your area with other regions.
  • Booker insights: get to know your customers better with data such as country of arrival, average stay, average number of occupants...
  • Brand reputation: analysis of the reviews received to implement improvements based on the comments.
All the data about your area and properties

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