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Manage properties, prices, reservations, employees, administration and much more.. all from one single in-cloud solution.

Constantly evolving

We cover all the needs of your business while we continue to develop new tools to simplify your day-to-day management. We listen to your needs and develop solutions for you.

Under your control

We will guide you step by step until you master all the tools, one by one, starting with the most important ones and ending with the most advanced.

Control and manage reservations from a single calendar
  • Visualize your reservations divided into various statuses (requested, pending payment, confirmed, etc...) and highlight the most important ones using our advanced filters.
  • Visualize all direct, manual and channel reservations in one single calendar.
  • Create manual reservations directly from the calendar.
  • Drag reservations from a property to another to easily optimize your occupancy.
  • Close availability in one or more apartments simultaneously during specific days or periods.
  • Generate accomodation options and send them via e-mail for the potential client to finalize directly in your website.
  • Improve internal error management thanks to our reservation history log and review any applied change, which account made it and from which IP address it was done.
  • Maximize occupancy using our intelligent occupancy system that detects whenever a reservation can be accepted after moving reservations to make space in the calendar (only available for multiproperties such as hotels, hostels, guesthouses, etc).

Follow your reservations from the moment these are confirmed to when they end their management cycle:
  • Reminder e-mail before check-in: Send an automatic reminder to the guest a few days before their arrival with important information about their upcoming stay.
  • Arrivals: Visualize all check-ins planned for the next 7 days, assign the check-in procedure to an employee in particular, verify if the security deposit was collected and access easily to the section dedicated to administrative tasks (check-in, invoicing and contract)
  • Departures: Visualize all check-outs planned for the next 7 days, assign the check-out procedure to an employee in particular, verify if the security deposit was returned and access easily to the section dedicated to damages and maintenance.
  • Cleaning: Visualize all cleanings in table or calendar view, each differentiated by status so that you can spot easily all urgent pending cleanings and add new ones.
  • Thank you email: Send an automatic e-mail to thank your hosts and ask for a review. 
  • Testimonials: Manage all reviews left by your clients and publish only the ones you want.
Personalized emails with configurable automatic shootout
  • Customize any email template and configure when it has to take off.
  • Use our substitution codes to make your emails dynamic and show only information inherent to the reservation, the host or the property.
  • Chose when to send your automatic e-mails (x days after reservation is made, before or after check-in and before or after check-out).
  • Create general emails or personalize them per property.  
  • Personalize e-mails and insert any information you want.
Automatic payments
  • Collect payments via PayPal or virtual POS directly from your website , webapp or through automatic e-mails requesting payments.
  • Configure your automatic downpayment e-mail and send it whenever you want.
  • Send your automatic downpayment e-mail differentiating the amount based on the origin of the reservation (direct or OTA).
  • Split direct reservation amounts as you wish and request each whenever you want.
  • Collect the deposit whenever you want through an automatic e-mail.
  • Collect recurring payments automatically with RedSys or Stripe.
Manage bureaucratic tasks required by the local government
We adapt our system and develop new features to comply with what governments and public administrations request:

  • Create and send the guest declaration to the different police portals.
  • Create and send arrivals / departures statistics.
  • Create and export tourist tax reports.

Manage all types of properties from a single software.

  • Our software is compatible with any type of property: apartments, hostals, B&B, guesthouses, etc.
  • Depeding on the selected property type the system will unlock specific features.
  • Manage any type of business: short-stays, long-stays (monthly) and properties on sale.
  • Rent a property entirely or per single room simultaneously to maximize your revenue.

Customize your rates any way you want

Our system offers multiple rate configuration options, choose how you want to sell your stays and combine rates as you wish:

  • Standard rate / Non-refundable rate
  • Rates per occupancy
  • Rates per length of stay (LOS)
  • Hybrid rates per cancellation policy, occupancy, and LOS

Manage your rates 360º

  • Create custom seasons to ease price setting.
  • Create derived rates and manage multiple prices automatically.
  • Control your reservation flow through various restrictions such as the minimum stay and arrival/departure closure.
  • Spot days that are impossible to sell due to an availability being inferior to the configured minimum stay thanks to our alert, stop missing opportunities.

Improve guest experience, maximize your revenue

  • Create free supplements to get useful information that can help you welcome the customer in the best way. Find out if the guest is a smoker, if it comes with a pet or if they need a crib.
  • Create optional supplements that calculate automatically per reservation, per person, per day, per week or per person and per day. Let your guests customize their stay.
  • Create internal supplements that will not display but are ready to be added manually whenever necessary.

Create coupons and discounts for your direct clients to differentiate yourself and become more competitive

Maintain total control, decide in which periods you wish to add discounts and apply them only for the properties you want.

  • Apply standard, last minute, long stay and early booker discounts.
  • Create discount coupons to launch direct marketing campaigns.
  • Propose packages in which you offer exclusive products or activities to add to the stay.
  • Manage your discounts directly from our PMS Channel Manager to become more competitive and improve your positioning within the portal.

Configure your commission and any other costs

  • Configure and differentiate your owner profiles depending on each stipulated agreement.
  • Calculate automatically your fee based on a commission or fixed price
  • Differentiate the commission per property
  • Add single or repetitive charges automatically

Configure owner invoices anyway you want

Choose how you want the system to calculate your fee automatically:

  • Include OTA commission to your commission
  • Include cleaning costs to you commission
  • Include supplements and extras to your commission
  • ..and much more..
The system will calculate it all automatically depending on your needs.

Next, configure also how the owner's amount from which your commission will be deducted needs to be calculated.

Share only the information you want with each owner

Configure owner permissions so they can monitor anytime how their properties are performing directly from their own app or extranet.

Share only the information you want.

Each owner is different so each account can be configured differently.

If interested we can create a custom owners portal with various features (property insertion, price management, etc). Ask us about it!


Create and manage different user accounts depending on their role.

Create user accounts with different permissions depending on their role to best manage your human resourses.

Property managers can restrict the account to give access exclusively to specific menus of the PMS Channel Manager or use the dedicated user accounts created to manage arrivals and departures, cleanings and maintenance.

Share information of one, some or all properties in the inventory based on your needs. 

Don't be left behind, create a user for each employee and keep your business under control.

Manage and issue invoices and collect payments

Have full control over past, current and future payments with:

  • Daily cashflow
  • Collections list
  • List of advanced payments
  • Collections forecast
Issue guest invoices, download them and reissue them if necessary.

Keep deposits under control, check if it was collected and then returned.

Send mandatory information to public administration.

  • Generate files containing all guest information to declare your guests to the police (ask us if we cover your region).
  • Generate files containing arrival and departure statistics to declare to the national government (ask us if we cover your region).

Integration with accounting programs

We have developed the integration with 3 different accounting software: Datisa, Exact Dimoni and A3.

If you use any of them, you will be able to synchronize our PMS with your accounting program and forget about manually importing all the accounts.

Reservation statistics.

Check how your business is progressing with the statistics module. Compare the evolution of reserves from different points of view:

  • Statistics by accommodation.
  • Statistics by region.
  • Statistics by owner.
  • Statistics by channel.
  • Etc.

Maintain the relationship and communication with your customers

  • Generate newsletters through our editor for mass communications
  • Send your newsletter to all past clients, or only clients from a particular country or language
  • Send your newsletter to all clients who still have a pending reservation, to notify them if there are legislative changes (for example, if a tourist tax is added), works that may affect them, or any other important information.
  • Create marketing campaigns, selecting and filtering customers, properties, typology, and many more characteristics. Save the different campaigns to be able to work on them throughout the year.

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