App for owners

Keep your owners informed at all times

Maintaining a good relationship with the owner is essential to guarantee quality of service. With our dedicated app owners will have all the information they need at their disposal.

Custom settings for each owner

Each owner is different therefore property managers can have different agreements with each one of them, that is why it is essential for the property manager to be able to differentiate depending on each particular case.

Our owners management system allows the property manager to decide what information to share starting from the most basic information such as the final price or guest details, up to allowing them to change availability and prices in case they want to participate actively in the management of their own properties.

Aside from deciding what information to share with each owner, property managers can also differentiate the way each is invoiced. Our system provides various options to adapt to any type of rent (vacation or medium-long term), invoicing and management.

  • See customer address
  • See the customer's email
  • See the CIF
  • Veure l'origen de la reserva
  • See the origin of the reservation
  • See the reservation amounts
  • See the guests

Access to the owners app

Each owner will have access to their own dedicated app to consult all sort of information based on how their profile is configured.

  • Calendar with all arrivals and departures
  • List of settlements available in PDF
  • List of invoices available in PDF
  • General statistics regarding each property

Keep your owners informed over the performance of their own apartments in real time to guarantee quality of service and establish a good relationship.
Acceso a la app de propietarios

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