Owner’s Extranet: Pro edition

06 March 2019

Owner’s Extranet: Pro edition

If you want to differentiate your business don’t limit yourself to changing or improving your product, go beyond and propose new products. With Icnea growth is not a matter of when, but a matter of how.

Thanks to the new owner’s extranet pro edition, agencies can offer to their potential clients a new dimension of collaboration without affecting control and rentability negatively.

If you are looking to offer something new and innovative to differentiate yourself from competition, or over how to propose a collaboration that is even more transparent towards the owner to distinguish yourself, from today Icnea gives you more options. Through the new extranet, owners will be able to load their own properties with all the necessary information by themselves apart than creating rates, introducing prices, manage availability and/or visualize reservations as in the basic version that is already included in the price. Increase the number of apartments quickly and in a simple way involving the individual affected directly: the owner. With this new tool attracting new owners can become as easy as never before.

Standardizing the affiliation process to have owners sign up and load properties can save time, money and responsibilities that are more risky than beneficial. Imagine being able to affiliate new owners in less than 10 minutes and that it is them who enter the properties in the system, and then allow the agency to finish the configuration to apply adjustments to maximize rentability.

With this new tool owners will really perceive the transparency of the business and feel in control of their own assets. Finally, they will stop feeling as the exploited part of the business but part of the business.

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