Wednesday, July 19, 2023

New collaboration with weglobeyou

We introduce weglobeyou, our new partner and tourism marketing expert who joins Icnea to offer externalized marketing solutions to your businesses.

Do you want to increase the direct sales from your business?

With presence in 11 countries, weglobeyou is the biggest tourism marketing agency in Spain. They focus on the two main objectives of touristic marketing:

  1. Increase reputation, positioning and awareness from their customers.
  2. Increase direct sales from their businesses (hotels, property managers, agencies…)

How can weglobeyou help you?

Their method is based in two phases: first, strategic planning and second, the action plan, bringing personalized solutions to cover your customer acquisition needs.

What makes weglobeyou different is their specialization. They have become the externalized marketing department for more than 200 vacation businesses, so they are efficient in reaching your pursued objectives.

weglobeyou is the ideal option for those vacation rentals that rely on third parties for their sales, with difficulties to create and manage a database, with trouble to get positive reviews or the ones that need to create a solid strategy in social media.

The agency works with a strategic approach, creative and innovative. Establishing specific actions for any kind of accommodation, no matter if it’s a small place in the mountain or a big resort in front of the sea.

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