Wednesday, July 26, 2023

New collaboration with EnviroRental

At Icnea, we established that one of the most exciting developments of 2023 is the expansion of sustainable initiatives that are pushing us to treat the environment with more respect. But, we don’t want to take this project alone. So we are involving our customers to show them how they can make their businesses more sustainable and, in doing so, be more competitive.

What is EnviroRental?

With this objective, we established an alliance with EnviroRental, an organization that aims to help vacation rental businesses and their providers to become a cleaner and more environmentally respectful industry. EnviroRental was started by a group of vacation rental experts who wanted to make sure that their businesses were more respectful of the planet. Since then, their mission has been to educate and encourage other property managers to do the same and to show that a more sustainable accommodation is positive for businesses, guests and the planet.

As EnviroRental’s partner, we at Icnea are committed to sharing with our customers all the available sustainability information and advice, and supporting our customers to make their businesses more environmentally respectful. That’s why you soon will be able to find useful information and resources in our blog, such as case studies, energy saving advice, tips to measure the environmental impact of your business, surveys and more…

Plus, as owners of vacation rental businesses, Icnea’s customers can access EnviroRental’s resources for free. Learn with your own with their step-by-step Sustainability Roadmap, watch their webinars or read success stories from other property managers who have already started to implement sustainable initiatives in their business.

At Icnea we’re pleased to collaborate with an initiative such as EnviroRental and to share among our customers educational content to improve your rental management.

We hope these resources are useful for you and kickstart a sustainable transformation in your business!

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