Thursday, July 4, 2024

New integration with Swikly

At Icnea we’re pleased to welcome a new partner that will help our customers to easily manage their security deposits for vacation rentals. We introduce Swikly!

Swikly is a solution that helps to automatically manage the security deposits for each booking, so that the manager does not have to do it manually every time. This allows for more agile business management and provides peace of mind for the manager knowing that the accommodation is insured against any damage or incident.

How does the integration with Swikly help Icnea’s users?

Online and automated security deposit management: with Swikly managers can forget about managing manually the security deposits. Its system takes care of every necessary process such as the deposit request, automated reminder emails, payment method cancellation.

Easy and secure deposits for guests: security deposits with Swikly are not charged or blocked on guests credit cards freeing them from any bank limits that may restrict them during their holiday, improving their experience. Swikly will only charge a partial or complete amount of the security deposit to the guest’s card in the event of real damage in the accommodation.

Customer support for guests and hosts: in case of a dispute or need for assistance Swikly manages the situation with their multilingual team available for assistance by email or phone.

Guaranteed property protection: despite Swikly’s security deposits are not immediately charged or blocked, this make guests to be more respectful with the accommodation. Charges will only be made in case of real damage and the manager will decide the amount to be paid.

Deposit and card automatic cancellation: once guests stay is over and there has been no problems Swiky will automatically cancel the security deposit and the payment method introduced before the arrival.

How does Swikly work?

With Swikly there’s no need for apps or software. The integration with Icnea’s PMS allows a complete automation of the security deposits management in a process with no attention required from the property managers, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks of their business.

  • The property manager chooses the amount of the security deposit for their bookings and choose the option of payment by card, which is necessary for the correct synchronization with Icnea.
  • For each booking Swikly automatically sends the security deposit request through the PMS, as well as other communications such as payment method cancellation after the stay or charge notifications in case of damage to the property.
  • The guest adds their payment method to Swikly. The security deposits with Swikly are not charged or blocked on guests credit cards
  • At the end of the stay the payment method is cancelled on Swikly and only a charge is made in case of an incident or damage.
From Icnea we encourage you to request a demo with Swikly through this link to take a look at its features and discover all the advantages of working with them to manage your security deposits in your vacation rental business.

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