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We develop your website

Link your website with the Icnea PMS, Channel Manager and booking engine, through one of the solutions we offer or directly create your own website with us!

You can choose from one of our templates programmed from head to toe or we can develop a completely personalized website to suit any need.

Our websites are responsive, fully adapted to mobile devices and user focused to maximize user retention.

The websites include an editor to modify all the texts and images, and manage your blog to keep your website active and well positioned.

Responsive design

Responsive (or adaptive) Web Design, known by the acronym RWD, is a design and development philosophy aimed at adapting webpages appearance to the device being used to view them.

Dynamic content

Activity is essential for websites, that's why we always include a blog, ideal for vacation rental websites. With our editors you can modify texts and images within your website, and create blog articles or informative posts.

User focused

Our websites are all optimized to maximize user retention and guide him through the entire booking process.

Efficient optimization

Our website all follow the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Optimization to guarantee maximum visibility among organic search results displayed by any search engine

Some of our projects

Main features from our websites

Usability and user experience

All websites are optimized to adapt to any device with any graphic resolution thanks to our fluid image structure.

Custom design based on company image

Delivering company values and its brand is important, that’s why we adapt all projects to your company identity.

Advanced search filters and map

Simplify researches using filters to highlight the main characteristics of your properties and include a Google Maps or Leaflet to show where all available properties are located.

Booking engine

An integrated solution optimized to adapt to any device. Completing an online reservation was never this easy!

SEO optimization

All web projects are optimized for search engines like Google to guarantee an excellent website indexing and organic positioning.

Sales and long term rentals

Our system allows you to manage and list, within a dedicated section contained in your website, properties both on sale and long term rentals.

Customer reviews

Client reviews are extremely important to deliver trust and thefore increase the convertion rate, display only the best reviews and attract more bookings.

Secure payments

Provide your customers the opportunity to pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer through a completely secure encrypted connection.

Multilanguage websites

All our websites include 10 languages by default but you can add any other you like to attract guests from all over the world.

Secure payments

Give your customers the opportunity to pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer through a completely secure encrypted connection.

  • Redsys
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Addons Payment
  • MyPos

With Redsys and Stripe you will also be able to configure automated recurring payments for the reservation.


Do you already have your own website?

If you already have your own website we propose the following free solutions to synchronize all information in the PMS Channel Manager with your website:

Booking engine

Add a "book now" button to open the booking engine directly from your website for your clients to complete the reservation.

Iframe & widgets

Integrate the search engine bar in your homepage to display all available properties, each with their own dedicated page.


Complete a full integration betweeen your website and our database using our API.

API documentation

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