Bring your vacation rentals to the era of technology with our integrations to simplify, automate, speed up, improve and save over various aspects of your business.

Each partner was selected to guarantee quality and reliability, cooperate with our partners and make your business more efficient. 

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Allow your guests to enter the reserved property without passing by a reception desk thanks to a smartlock solution.

We include various available options that allow access through an APP o access code depending on your needs.

With a smartlock system, along with our dedicated guest webapp, you can automate the whole check-in process.  

Dynamic pricing

You want your prices to adapt in real time to the market?

Our integrations with the most important dynamic pricing companies suggest, or apply directly, the best price based on a real time market analysis keeping in mind key characteristics of your properties.

Leave price analysis to experts and sell always at the best price maximizing your revenue.

Online payments

Managing reservation and deposit payments in total safety is a key aspect of the business.

Receive online payments with the most professional providers in the market. 

Revenue Management and commercialization

Redact and follow a custom business plan side by side with data analysis experts.

Our affiliated revenue management companies are all made up of experts that know vacation rentals like the paml of their hands. Contact one of them now to ask for advice and see your business grow healthy and strong.

Cleaning services

We know how important hygiene is for guests, especially today due to the Coronavirus.

If your vacation rentals business is not able to manage property cleanings count on specialized companies, we developed an integration to synchronize information in real time.


Simplify accounting management with our specialized partners.

Thanks to the developed integrations all your data will always be synchronized with the accounting program. Say goodbye to human mistakes when generating an invoice for your guests or for your owners. 

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