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Our history

Icnea was founded in 2001 to create business solutions for the Internet.

The founders had extensive experience, having worked on the development of business management software for IBM systems since 1978, which was chosen as a management software provider for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

Based on this knowledge, we created our tourist accommodation management platform.

Many years of work, listening to the needs of our clients and applying the new technologies that have appeared, mean that today we can offer a complete solution for vacation home management companies.
At the same time, we have been expanding horizons. From our native Barcelona, we have expanded our market to all of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Mexico, Dubai and other countries.,

All with the sole objective of making our clients operate in the market with maximum agility and profitability.

Our values

Three principles define us as professionals:

We are close to our clients, we are on the phone to listen to their needs, difficulties and demands. To help them answer any questions and teach them how to manage their day-to-day work in the most efficient way. To hear how we can improve both our programs and our services.

Our obsession is that our programs work as reliably and quickly as possible. If there is an incident we do not stop, we do not rest until the level of quality we demand has been restored. We are always working on improving our solutions.

Cost effectiveness
Neither the best service nor the best program would be of any use if they are not oriented towards our clients making their business as efficient and profitable as possible. Our main objective is to ensure that the companies that place their trust in us, get the maximum benefit from their work.

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