Icnea x Treedom tree initiative

At Icnea we’ve always worked with a responsible attitude towards the environment and we can say proudly that we’re a clean production company. We believe that’s only the first step, and this year we’re going to boost our environmental commitment with two initiatives with long term impact.
Icnea x Treedom tree initiative

A new alliance is born: Icnea x Treedom

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We established an alliance with Treedom, an organization focused on planting trees with 12 years of expertise working with farmers in different countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America where the consequences of climate change and desertification had been worse. With this approach, trees not only make a positive environmental impact, they also make it for farmers who take care of the trees and get economical benefit for their fruits which allows an improvement of these communities development and empowerment.

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How can you help the planet being a customer with Icnea?

For being a costumer at Icnea you will receive an email with a link to claim your tree. Once you have accessed, you will be able to create your user account at Treedom and choose which specie of tree want to be planted. Plantation is not carried out with seeds, is made with seedlings.

Once the register is done, you should choose which specie you want to plant. That will determinate the country where your tree will be placed, because Treedom plant the most suitable and beneficial species for each region. Once you’ve finished these steps, your tree will be ready to be planted and a local farmer will take care of the rest and you will be able to access your tree info dashboard.

That’s not only about planting trees, it's also about the evolution of the project they belong and it's benefits. From your tree dashboard you will get periodical updates about the local project where it belongs, the region where it’s planted or the farmers who get benefit from it. Besides, you can check the tree’s impact through CO2 absorption, local uses, and more.

Icnea's forest

Thanks to our customers, we have been able to carry out our objective to create a forest with all the trees we’re giving out right now and in the future. That’s why we invite you to know Icnea’s forest where you can see every tree planted and given to our customers and access all dashboards to see their environmental impact.

Know our forest

In which other ways we contribute to take care of the planet?

At Icnea, we want our partners and service providers to share with us the same comittment and responsabilities towards the environment and the planet. That's why along with our alliance with Treedom, we have finished a full data and software migration to new servers 100% functional with renewable energies.

We have partnered with Equinix, a leader provider of sustainable data centers designed around the highest standards of energetic efficiency and renewable energy usage. Besides, Equinix is committed with continuous research of new solutions for their data centers to improve energetic efficiency.
In which other ways we contribute to take care of the planet?
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