Wednesday, August 2, 2023

New integration with Roomonitor

We are pleased to announce a new integration for Icnea’s software, Roomonitor joins us to offer a noise control solution to our customers.

What is Roomonitor?

Roomonitor is a real time noise monitoring smart solution to control and protect your property of any acoustic incident and build trust with neighbors. Roomonitor analyze in real time the noise in your apartments respecting your guest’s privacy and noticing the owner only when it’s necessary, guided by noise patterns generated to know when it’s necessary to alert.

Besides, Roomonitor’s team is active 365 days with the Guest & Property Services to solve any incident and stay in touch with your guests to guarantee the best experience for them and assure a 24/7 cover for the property manager. Roomonitor’s team will contact your guests to solve any inconvenience, and if it’s needed, they will go to the property in person to manage the incident.

Roomonitor allows property managers to monitorize all their properties from a single app and set up the software depending on the needs of each business. Plus, setting up the device is a plug&play, so the owner only has to plug it and connect the Wi-Fi to start monitoring.

If you want to know more about Roomonitor and it’s functions, you can address them directly on their website.

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