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New integration with MasterMind · Tech

At Icnea, we understand the importance for our managers to have control over their properties and ensure that guests make good use of the accommodations to prevent incidents and promote good neighborhood relations.

That’s why we have partnered with a new technology partner that will offer our clients the necessary tools to monitor noise, cigarette smoke, property occupancy, and air quality in their accommodations, all with a one-time payment model without subscriptions or recurring fees. Introducing MasterMind · Tech!
MasterMind · Tech is a technology company that was founded four years ago in the medical and industrial sectors, where they provide monitoring solutions for particles, gases, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, following meticulous medical and industrial regulations. This expertise has allowed them to make a strong entry into the Hospitality sector, providing reliable solutions for Noise, Cigarette Smoke, and Indoor Air Quality control. They scientifically and technically understand exactly how their products work, which is one of the reasons for their success.

MasterMind · Tech offers customizable monitoring systems that adapt to the needs of the property manager, allowing them to choose the combination of sensors they need. Whether it’s a complete device with noise, smoke, and air quality detection or standalone devices to install in different areas of a property, MasterMind · Tech adapts to the characteristics of the accommodation to offer the most appropriate solution in each case. Their devices cover spaces up to 150m² and connect via WiFi to the MasterMind · Tech Management Platform to offer functions like penalty charges, statistics, and violation / incident demonstrations, among many others.

One of the standout points of MasterMind · Tech is their commitment to a one-time payment model without subscriptions, instead of monthly/annual recurring fees. This allows the property manager to acquire the devices they need at a variable price depending on the quantity purchased and start taking advantage of the benefits of MasterMind · Tech without monthly fees or service commitments. Additionally, the purchase of devices includes online onboarding, software updates, and maintenance at no additional cost.

How Does MasterMind · Tech Help Property Owners with Cigarette Smoke Detection?

The cigarette smoke monitoring system from MasterMind · Tech is ideal for ensuring guests respect the no-smoking policy in accommodations. Their technology can gather evidence of smoke presence in rooms, even if the guest covers the device or smokes by an open window, proving that smoking occurred during the stay.

MasterMind · Tech’s smoke control system is not a standard smoke detector; it uses chemical sensors and particle sensors to demonstrate that the guest smoked in the accommodation. The device can register when smoking occurred and for how long, and it also generates a graph of particle increases as evidence of the smoking incident. This information is sent to the designated person, who will also receive notifications when smoke is detected to take necessary actions.

The system includes default temperature and humidity sensors. Additionally, the system can add necessary sensors to measure indoor air quality (CO2 sensors, volatile organic compounds, among others), which will improve guest well-being and the brand image.

How Does MasterMind · Tech Help Property Owners with Noise Detection?

Protecting the accommodation from potential noise incidents or fines is a primary concern for property managers. Many countries have strict laws to limit noise and promote respect among guests and neighbors.

Noise control is a crucial issue in the vacation rental sector to foster good relationships with the communities. MasterMind · Tech offers a monitoring system based on advanced sound sensors and analysis algorithms that monitors noise and alerts when it exceeds appropriate levels. The control system sends a notification to the manager and the guest, alerting them about excessive noise, allowing a quick response to prevent a larger problem. Additionally, MasterMind · Tech has developed a series of actuators to solve noise incidents: the PartyStop device and a call service, both following the same one-time payment philosophy without recurring fees.

What Other Advantages Does Using MasterMind · Tech Offer?

Besides offering high-tech devices for smoke, noise, and air quality detection, being a MasterMind · Tech client offers the following benefits:
  • Installation Assistance and Training: MasterMind · Tech helps the property manager/owner with installation and offers free online onboarding.
  • Marketing Actions: The MasterMind · Tech team helps owners and their companies communicate the advantages of using noise and cigarette smoke control tools in their accommodations.
  • Installation: If required, the manager can request device installation by the MasterMind · Tech team at an additional cost.
  • Sustainability Certificates: MasterMind · Tech offers certifications to demonstrate that the accommodation is community-responsible, adding value for guests when choosing their accommodation.

What Other Systems Does MasterMind · Tech Offer to Icnea Users?

Complementary to their noise and smoke control solutions, MasterMind · Tech offers three additional solutions for property managers who opt for their system:

  • PartyStop: A complementary system to immediately stop any problem caused by high noise levels. PartyStop integrates with the property’s electrical system to interrupt the power supply to specific rooms or the entire property, stopping parties at their root without the need for owner or manager intervention and without additional recurring costs.
  • Occupancy System: This functionality perfectly complements the noise detector to alert the owner about the presence of more people than allowed in the property.
  • Call Service: Communicates incidents to guests 24/7 and resolves noise issues without owner or manager involvement through AI-directed call assistants.
  • Energy Efficiency: A device that allows turning off high-consumption electrical devices, such as air conditioners, when no guests are detected in the property.
  • Fire Alarm: A sound alarm that activates when a high probability of fire is detected.
  • Security Alarm: An alarm that activates when movement is detected in the accommodation when there should be no one there.
To discover all the possibilities of MasterMind · Tech’s technology and customize their solution for your business, we encourage you to contact Alberto, COO and founder of MasterMind · Tech, at

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